> About Me

Keen to be pointed at a problem, I'm a critical thinker with a head for systems design, an eye on the big picture, and a storyteller's sensibility for breaking complex ideas down to their component parts.

I'm Sarah Reif, a product and content designer with a background in marketing.

I thrive amongst collaborative teams dedicated to curiosity, backed by optimism, and committed to the "human element" of design.  

✨ Skills & Interests

My design skillset includes product and content design, research, interactions, and design systems. I seek problems and opportunities that push me to expand my abilities and adopt new ways of thinking.

Let's talk if you're committed to sustainability, community engagement, or ethical, human-driven tech solutions.

📝 Learning

Data-Driven Design: Quantitative Research for UX & Human-Computer Interaction through IxDF

Interactions & animations through Webflow University

[Updated 7/10/24]